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"May the sky be bluer,the water be clearer,the pollution gas be lessdischarged"

For the enterprise environmental protection standard emission value-added! Revere every cent of customers, pay attention to every demand of customers, and escort the sustainable development of enterprises!

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9s quality management system opens a new era of safety and energy saving automatic control for dust and waste gas treatment

The pulse type dust collector for Guotong environmental protection wood industry is adopted ...

Guotong environmental protection cyclone type wood duster Moving parts, easy maintenance...

Guotong environmental protection desulfurization dust collector is not only suitable for power station...

The intelligent control system of Guotong environmental protection can be controlled according...

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9s quality management system opens a new era of safety and energy saving automatic control for dust and waste gas treatment


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Big advantage create comfortable environment for you

Strength advantage

Guotong environmental protection is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, production, manufacturing and installation

Product advantages

With independent design, independent production workshop, and other strength of environmental protection company, to meet the needs of market customers

Guotong environmental protection design team has strong independent R & D ability and excellent technology, and its products promote the development of the industry

The product adopts needle punched filter material and pulse jet cleaning technology, so that the product has high efficiency and low resistance.It has the characteristics of small size, long life and wide applicability.

Ten years of manufacturing

 experience  100 technical teams

Construction advantages

After sales advantages

Have a strong on-site installation team, develop technology, installation construction scheme and installation schedule before installation

Guotong environmental protection has built environmental protection solutions for thousands of enterprises for decades, and its construction experience is trustworthy

At the later stage of construction, Guotong environmental protection will provide you with equipment guidance until you learn how to do it

7 * 24 hours online, quickly respond to any questions you have and give answers in time

Have a perfect after-sales service system, equipment failure problems, quickly send someone to solve

In depth cooperation with major domestic logistics to ensure the rapid delivery of goods to the scene

Cooperation process

Standardized process and considerate service

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Explore industry information and learn about environmental news

Gas treatment equipment manufacturers: prospects of China's waste gas treatment equipment industry in 2021

Gas treatment equipment manufacturers learned that according to the relevant departments to strengthen air pollution prevention ...

Why pulse type dust collector

The dust collector manufacturer Guotong environmental protection adopts the technical principle of high pressure pulse gas box pulse bag dust collection...

How to design more advantages of pulse bag filter?

The air bag design of the pulse bag filter is a unique innovation for the machinery itself. This innovation makes the pulse filter stand out among the machines with similar functions

Why is dust cleaning essential for bag filter?

After years of theoretical and practical experience, Guotong environmental protection, a dust collector manufacturer, has made various products and technical equipment such as dust collectors

What are the advantages of cyclone wood duster?

There are no moving components in the cyclone, so it is easy to maintain, small in volume, simple in structure and cheap in price under the same air volume

Shandong Guotong environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Linyi, Shandong Province, the capital of China's logistics. The company is a professional company specializing in the production and sales of pulse type wood duster, wet electric dust removal equipment, boiler centrifugal blower and induced draft fan, dust exhaust fan and boiler fan service.

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